OFC Poker

  • Game rules
  • 1) OFC players take turns drawing cards from a single deck, trying to make the best possible hand, while their competitors do the same.
    Players can see other players' cards thus its called
    the Open Face Poker.
    2) There is a strict rule that the bottom hand must beat least as good as the middle hand, and that the middle hand must be at least as good as the top hand.
    If placement of hands are not in this sequential order, player will foul and lose the game automatically.

    3) There are no betting rounds in this game. the players agree to play “per point” for a certain amount and the game is scored in points.
  • How to Play
  • Round 1
    Player receives first 5 cards.
    Arrange 5 cards face up on any of 3 lines.
    Other players do the same in turn.
    Round 2-5
    Players receive 3 cards place 2 cards on any line.
    Discard one card and And other players do the same.
    Cards arrangement order
    5-2-2-2-2 (13 total)
    players receive 13 cards through 5 rounds and players compare each others arrangment to calculate points.
  • Scoring and Royalties
  • 1 point : per each lines won
  • 3 points : all lines won which is called scoop
  • Ex 1) All lines won: +6 points [1point(top)+1point(middle)+1point(bottom)+3points(Scoop bonus)]
  • Ex 2) 2 lines win, 1 line loss: +1point [1point(top)-1point(middle)+1point(bottom)]
  • Ex 3)
  • Player A Points Explanation
  • - Top : player A win (1point) + royalties (11 points) - opponents royalties (3points) = 9points
  • - Middle : player A win (1point) + royalties (2points) = 3points
  • - Bottom : player A loss(-1point) - Opponent's royalties(6points)= -7 points
  • => total points : player A (+5points) Player B (-5points)
  • Royalties, or bonuses as they are sometimes called, are extra units that may be awarded to players with particularly strong hands.
  • Fantasy Land - Bonus Stage
  • Fantasy Land
  • Condition 1. Top line must be QQ or higher
  • Condition 2. Can not foul
  • Advantage
  • Players receive 14 cards at once at Fantasy Land The player in Fantasyland has a big advantage because he or she is dealt all 13 cards at once, instead of the starting five and then one at a time.
  • To remain in fantasy land while in fantasy land
  • Remain in Fantasy Land
  • Top: three of a kind or higher, Middle: four of a kind or higher, Bottom: four of a kind or higher.