How to Play & Prize

  • How to Play
  • 1) Tournament players start by receiving same amount of chips and their seats are placed randomly.
    (In case of double buy-in, players pay twice the amount of buy-in to receive twice the amount of starting chip stack.)
  • 2) When the tournament starts, dealer gives each player a card, and the player with highest card receives the dealer button.
    (In case of players receiving same card, ranking of suites will decide the dealer button.)
  • Tournament Play
  • 1) Player is eliminated when a player loses all of his or her chips.
    (In case of re-buy tournament, player may re-enter the tournament after’paying additional buy-in fee.)
  • 2) Player’s are forced to move from one table to the other in order to fill up the seats of eliminated players.
  • 3) In tournaments, Blinds and antes are increased consistently to speed up the pace of tournament.
  • 4) There are no rakes in tournament, and players do not have to wait to post blinds to play.
  • Ranking Placement
  • 1) Players will be awarded with prize if players finish high enough to claim prize pool.
  • 2) If two or more players get eliminated at the same time, player who started with more chips will place higher. In case of two players having same amount of chips, both players will finish at same ranking, and they will divide relevant prize money equally.
  • Prize Payment
  • Player’s prize can be claimed according to his or her placement in the tournament,and player’s prize will be automatically deposited to his or her account.
    Tournament prize pool is made up of buy-in (excluding fees) of total players. Prize is distributed proportionally according to player’s placement in the tournament.
  • Prize Pool Payment Chart

Ranking / Entry