What’s Tournament?

  • What’s Tournament?
  • A poker tournament can feature as many as thousands of players playing on thousands of tables. The winner of the tournament is decided when one player has every chip.
    To facilitate this, blinds rise over the duration of the tournament.
    The best part of the tournament is you can win hundreds or even thousands.
  • Tournament Terminology

Tournament Terminology

Tournament Types Definitions
Guaranteed The prize pool is guaranteed regardless of the number of players.
If the prize pool is less than the guaranteed amount due to fewer players, poker site pays in the balance amount.
Freeroll A tournament that is free to enter.
Turbo Speed of progress is faster than the normal tournament. Betting time is shorter and blinds increase at faster speed.
Re-buy Poker tournament that players are able to re-enter by buying additional chips within given time of frame.
Double buy-in At the start of the tournament, players are given twice as many starting chips after buying in for the twice the amount of the original buy-in.
Add-on It is an option to buy more chips than a player received in original buy-in. Usually, there is one option to 'add-on' during a tournament, at the end of the re-buy period or at the first break.
Level Term is used in tournament play to refer to the size of the blinds that are periodically increased.
Break Due to the long hours of play, players are given time to take a break.
Breaks are usually given once every hour in Fulpot tournaments.