Tournament Entry

  • Tournament Entry
  • 1. At the lobby, open the Tournament tab and click on the registering tournament.
  • 2. At the Tournament lobby, there is detailed information about selected tournament.
    Click on ‘register’ button to enter the tournament.
  • 3. After checking the buy-in and the fees, you may join by clicking ‘register’.
    For those who have the ticket may use the ticket to enter the tournament.
  • 4. When registration is completed, it will say ‘joining’ on the lobby.
  • ※ Cancelling tournament registration is allowed before tournament starts. If player doesn’t cancel the registration, hands will be automatically folded. (After tournament starts, registration fee is non-refundable.).
  • Disconnection Compensation
  • 1) If player gets disconnected due to the Fulpot’s technical problem, player will be compensated with full buy-in.(However, if player gets disconnected due to player’s connection problem or any other personal problems, player’s buy-in will not be refunded)
  • 2) In case of server problem which causes Fulpot to shut down during the tournament play, players will be compensated with the buy-in and the fee. Prize pool will be equally distributed according to the rankings of players at the time of disconnection.